While fashion trends travel in circles, 925 silver jewelry never goes out of style!

You may remember the cute plaids and preppy clothes of decades past? They're back again in chic styles of argyle weaves, cuffed trousers and deck shoes.

Simply said, the silver jewelry you wore yesterday, last year or last decade still looks great as ever... and is in perfect style with current fashions.

Bright, sparkling silver looks as good with contemporary, new vibrant plaids as it does with crisp whites, popular grays, classic blacks pastels and jewel tones.... silver jewelry looks fabulous in every seasons clothes... spring, summer, fall, winter.

Give a gift of silver jewelry.... long lasting style and beauty and, in the current financial weather, it's affordable for every budget. And, it's an investment: the silver price is still on the rise.

The price of gold has hampered jewelry purchases for many, and while silver costs have escalated, it's still quite affordable.

The beauty of sterling silver is it's dazzling shine.

Polished silver sparkles so brightly in sunlight, reflecting the light, akin to the sun shining on the waves. Silver shimmers in candlelight and gleams in moonlight. Highly polished silver compliments everything you wear.

Don a pair of silver earrings, add a silver bracelet and you're ready to go. Throw on a silver pendant necklace with that tee shirt or silk dress and your perfect look is complete. The cool, sublime glow of silver is oh-so-hot!