Birthstone Gemstone List              

Birthstones are considered lucky to people who are born in those months.​The age-old question of which gems suit which people, or which gemstone above all others corresponds to a particular character has been an important decision for people for the last seven thousand years.

The ancient order of the Babylonians (this was when the signs of the zodiac and birthstones first emerged - see zodiac gemstones) was only retained for a few gemstones. Nevertheless some jewels had already been assigned to specific signs of the zodiac with a certain amount of regularity for centuries.In the last 100 years the magic may have been waned a bit for some people, we find that the increasing individuality of a personal stone has been rediscovered.​

Random gemstone categorization had made it difficult for jewelers to provide their customers with ornamental gems which suited them. The result was a wealth and confusion of equally valid birthstone charts. 

A specially convened world conference of jewelers was called upon to decide which gem should be assigned to which month. However, the 1913 jewelers' convention was unable to reach a decision. They allowed different rulings to remain in place.​

That said, we think that the best gemstone for you could be your birthstone, your wedding day, day-of-birth, your zodiac sign gemstone OR, simply, the color you love to wear!

Modern and Traditional Birthstones

  • January  Modern Birthstone - GarnetTraditional Birthstone - Garnet
  • February  Modern Birthstone - AmethystTraditional Birthstone - Amethyst
  • March  Modern Birthstone - Aquamarine (Similar stone is Blue Topaz)Traditional Birthstone - Bloodstone
  • April  Modern Birthstone - DiamondTraditional Birthstone - Diamond, Sapphire
  • May  Modern Birthstone - Emerald  Similar color semi precious gemstone is PeridotTraditional Birthstone - Emerald​
  • June  Modern Birthstone - Pearl or MoonstoneTraditional Birthstone - Alexandrite​
  • July  Modern Birthstone - Ruby -- Similar GarnetTraditional Birthstone - Ruby -- (Similar Garnet) - Black Onyx​
  • August   Modern Birthstone - Peridot, JadeTraditional Birthstone - Sardonyx​
  • SeptemberModern Birthstone - Sapphire   Similar color semi-precious gem is IoliteTraditional Birthstone - Sapphire - Peridot​
  • October   Modern Birthstone - OpalTraditional Birthstone - Tourmaline - Opal​
  • NovemberModern Birthstone - Yellow Topaz (See Citrine or Smoky Topaz)Traditional Birthstone - Citrine ​
  • December   Modern Birthstone - Blue Topaz or Turquoise or Lapis LazuliTraditional Birthstone - Zircon (a gemstone, not synthetic cubic zirconia)